Our college-style, hybrid education, in which students meet on campus two (6-12th) or two and a half days (K-5th) per week, is a combination of the best attributes of a traditional classroom experience, professional instructors, and parental engagement.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our goal at JFCA is to provide a Christ-centered, accredited program of excellence, grounded in Christ, the Scriptures, and the Biblical worldview. Through discipleship, we point students toward a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and train them in the development of godly character and action for the purpose of fulfilling God’s calling in their lives. As a Christian, college-style model school that serves as an extension of the home and Church, we honor the biblical calling of parents to teach their children to honor and obey God. In partnership with parents, we share in the charge given to the Old Testament people of God:

Deuteronomy 6:4-7

Moreover, as a ministry of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, we take very seriously the responsibility to teach students, and we recognize “those who teach will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1). Consequently, we strive to honor God through the teaching and guiding of students to pursue God’s truth as they mature spiritually, academically, and relationally. From this perspective, we nurture the whole student through opportunities in academics, sports, fine arts, biblical study, worship, and service. Furthermore, as students learn to surrender to the Lordship of Christ in their personal lives, we spiritually equip them to become future Christian leaders in their homes, communities, employments, governments, and churches.

Believing in the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, we proclaim that God and his Word are objective truth. Subjects are presented from a biblical worldview whenever possible, and biblical truths are interwoven throughout the curriculum for the purpose of teaching students how to handle knowledge and develop godly wisdom. Committed to developing Christian critical thinkers who exhibit discernment, we introduce students—as they mature—to alternate worldview perspectives and teach them to defend and maintain their biblical worldview in the midst of a lost and broken world.

We believe students learn, perform, demonstrate, and excel when the components of curriculum and instruction are thoughtfully planned and effectively implemented. Therefore, we operate in a spirit of continuous improvement and seek out research-tested instructional practices and educationally sound curricular resources.

As a school, we are accountable at all levels (God, the Church, our board, as well as federal, state, and local entities). We ask that all parents and students acknowledge our philosophy and support the objectives of our school.